[Method] How to Get Facebook Likes Free and Fast

How to get Free Likes on facebook

Method to get tons of Free Facebook Likes

Having tons of likes on your facebook fanpage or simple status post may come very difficult to handle since you need to market your fanpage to others and yet you have a very limited resources and knowledge on how to do such things. You got very a lot of friends yet only the close ones will click “like” and your disappointed you keep on marketing your fanpage to others randomly chatting someone to get your fanpage liked.

Say goodbye to all of these things and stop spamming your friends with your silly chats asking to like something. We present to you this very effective method to gain thousands of likes on your facebook posts/fanpage that magically increases your likers with real human liking your posts/fanpage. Not to mention that this method was already been using by hundreds with success rate of 99.9%. Now, stop searching on how to increase your facebook likes we give you this!


  • 100% Free to use for everyone
  • 99.9% Success rate
  • Very fast turn-around time – Can be modified
  • 100% Safe to use – NO Account Termination
  • Leave no footprints
  • With real-human liking
  • Working on Facebook posts, status, images, videos and fanpages
  • Generate up to 50,000 Likes on a single posts!

Start Getting Free Facebook Likes

Getting started is very easy. Even kids can do this without further ado here’s the list of things to do. Make sure you follow all instructions below to avoid errors.

  1. Simply visit http://likesavalanche.gethack.net
  2. Click “Start” above on the menu item
  3. Choose you OS Platform (this is not really needed but it will help us to track users OS Platform)
  4. Now choose on which platform you want to get likes for (ex. video, status, fanpage or photos)
  5. Enter the URL of the fanapge you want to get likes for (ex. https://www.facebook.com/fanpage)
  6. Choose number of likes you want to add up to 50,000.
  7. Choose the amount of time you want to get it completed. The further the better to avoid alarms on facebook spam system.
  8. Click “Generate” and you are good to go.

In combat with spam bot users we have implemented a verification system that only real-human visitors could comply and make through the whole process. After that you get a good night sleep and watch your likers grow like magic overnight.

Not still convinced?

Well, I am not convincing anybody. I am sharing a method to gain likes and you are free to leave. But, anyway I have few proofs and testimonials for you to envy on.

Fanpage Likes

30,000 Likes for a sample page – Envy? LOL! Get the same results by going to http://likesavalanche.gethack.net/

Get Facebook Page Likes

Status Likes

Free Facebook Likes


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