Method: How to Get Google Play Gift Card Codes Free – Updated 2016

Everything You Wanted To know About Google Play Gift Codes

Google play is not new to our ears anymore. The Google play has been popular since Android phones have been made. It is a place where you can choose and buy Android games and applications. Some games and applications here are offered for free and some are for sale. And now, if you have chosen to buy one of those games and applications that are for sale, then, Google play gift codes can help you with that.

Some are asking what is the use of this Google play gift code, where to get for free, and most importantly is how to use it. And here are the answers.

Where to get Free Google Play Gift Codes

Google play codes can now be bought online at your gaming alliance which is You can select or choose there your preferred Google play gift code value from $10 up to $50. With over 200 payment options including PayPal, you can easily buy gift codes with hassle free, anytime and wherever you are. But wait! You can easily get the same google gift codes for FREE!

Full Instructions:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Get Gift Codes” on the above menu.
  • Now, simply choose the amount of gift codes you want to get with the domination of $10, $25, $50
  • Tick on the “Remove expiration date” to remove expiry date.
  • And then click on “I Agree and continue” button

Hwo to Get Google Play Gift Card Codes

  • Wait for the process to finish.

Getting Google Play Gift Codes with

  • Note: You might need to verify that you are human to download your fresh google gift code. Google Play Gift Code Generator

  • That’s it! After it you will be able to download your gift code fresh and FREE!
  • Don’t forget to share!

NOTE: You are limited only to get 1 code per day per IP Address! Don’t abuse you will get banned if you do so!

How to use Google play gift codes.

Google play gift codes are like credit or debit cards which you can use for purchasing. The only difference is that, Google play gift codes are made to use for purchasing Android games and applications, and even for downloading movies and music. For gamers, these codes can be used for purchasing extra levels, virtual currency and add-on pack for your apps. So, you, whose handling Android phone, it is suggested for you to have Google play gift codes in order for you to have an easy, fast and reliable source for purchasing Google play games and apps.

How to Redeem Google Play Code


In applying your bought gift codes to your Google wallet account from your personal computer with a modern web browser or even from your Android device, well, first, sign in with your Google account then, look for the redeeming balance ( Then, a text box will pop up. Next is to look at your Google play gift card, then scratch off the code covered by gray security paste by the use of a coin. After successfully scratching the gray security paste, you can now see the Google play gift code that you can use for purchasing. Enter the codes you found on the card and enter it on the text box that popped up earlier, then, click the redeem button. A confirmation message will be sent to your Google account that is successfully applied to your Google balance. And there it is, you can now buy or download Google play games, applications, movies and music.


Life has been easier with Google play gift codes. No need to go to department stores just to buy a gift for someone, you can now easily purchase it online. No need to go to arcades just to play, you can now download it easily and have some fun with the game you have chosen. So, what are you waiting for?  Buy one of those Google play gift codes now!


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