Review – Working or Not? Review Review – is it Really Working or Not?

I have found numerous people searching for reviews as I am now while doing some research I cannot find anything related to it so I guess I would create it myself. This post will be solely dedicated to review which claimed to to give you some great all-in-one social presence across facebook, twitter and youtube. Well the best way to remove all your hesitations is by trying what it can do. So I did it!

First, I have tried their Twitter Platform which claimed to give your twitter followers, tweet retweets and tweet favorites in a duration of time selected by the user. What have stopped me for a moment is the verification process which is a real pain to solve or complete but luckily I managed somehow and my campaign started and amazingly started seeing a sudden jump on my twitter followers since I have chosen 60,000 followers over the course of 3 days, 3 days because I do not want to raise red flag on twitter and get my account banned because of sudden surge on my followers.

In summary, I have gained a total of 52,000 followers in 3 and a half days not bad right? I have chosen 60,000 followers but haven’t got it but a 52,000 extra followers is not bad at all!

The Best Part : I thought these followers are fake but it turned out they’re real people! I got my tweet got tons of replies. So I guess this is the best free twitter follower tool over the market today. 

My Followers 🙂 Proof

Below, is the full step I have followed to get started a campaign.

  • Go to
  • Now, choose what kind of platform you want to run a campaign on my case I have choose Twitter.
  • Click on the “Get Started” Button Review Step1

  • You will need to choose what kind of campaign you want to start this site offers “Twitter Followers”, “Tweet Retweets”, and “Tweet Favorites” on this example I am choosing “Twitter Followers”
  • Now, enter your twitter username
  • Choose the amount of followers you want to add on your account
  • Choose the duration. I strongly suggest to choose 3 days or more to avoid red flags from twitter spam system.
  • Click on “I agree and continue Review Step2

  • Please wait a minute while they create your campaign
  • This is the hard part – You will need to verify your campaign. In my case I verified through by entering my mobile phone number and got my network charged me. So it’s not exactly free because of this but it has tasks to enter your email address and get it verified which is free. Review Step3

  • Now get some popcorn and enjoy your twitter followers slowly growing.



  • Among the sites offering the same free service this is the most effective way on getting twitter followers. There are sites that claimed to offer the same thing but most of them are fake or need you to gather some points before getting a fake follower.
  • Very easy to follow user-interface.
  • Very effective!


  • The verification process is sometimes not free or very hard to complete. not only offers twitter followers, but Instagram Followers and Youtube views, likes and youtube subscribers as well.


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