The Top 3 Cyber Crimes of All Time

Throughout the years, Internet security has grown stricter and less vulnerable. The only problem? The hackers, who attempt to infiltrate these systems, have gotten even better. In the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed some very big headlines about hacking and criminal activities on the World Wide Web. Of course, you don’t need to be a computer mastermind, in order to get in trouble online. However, the individuals, who are listed in this article, are some of the brightest and proved it to the world, when they successfully pulled off their hack. Of course, most of them went down for their times and face long prison sentences. Despite this, their efforts have allowed corporations and businesses to improve their IT security more.

Here are the Top 3 List of Hacking Crimes of all time 

1. Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 

Many criminals pay for their malicious behavior, but Albert Gonzalez got one of the harshest sentences ever for a hacker. With a few accomplices, Gonzalez set out to get rich, die trying or wind up in jail, which is exactly what he did, but this isn’t to say he wasn’t successful. In fact, Albert and his accomplices were very, very successful, when they targeted TJ Maxx and other retailer stores, with their ingenious scheme. By using SQL injection to infiltrate and install backdoors, the group was able to use packet sniffers to capture credit card information. From 2005 to 2007, the pair was able to collect and sell approximately 170 million credit card and ATM numbers. At one point, Gonzalez obtained enough cash to hold a special birthday party for him self, which was priced at $75,000 Sadly, he got rich, but he also got a ten-year prison sentence.

2. The Anonymous Hacker

In today’s digital age, it would be difficult to make such a list, without mentioning one member or another of the hacktivist collective group, Anonymous. The Chicago based computer hacker, Jeremy Hammond, grabs one of our spots, with his successful hack of Stratfor, which is a private intelligence firm and works closely with the government. Unlike other hackers, who are simply out for the fame, Jeremy wanted to do something good, with his skills. Hammond wished to expose wrongdoing, by the Stratfor group. Sadly, he was betrayed by a close accomplish, who was known as Sabu to the FBI. With Sabu’s help, the FBI and prosecution team were able to pin Hammond, with a ten-year prison sentence.

3. Getting Hacked, While Buying A Fake ID 

Twenty-two year old, David “doctorsex” Ray Camez made his name in the mainstream media by his fraudster criminal acts. He is a member of the notorious,, which is a Russian run forum and identity theft ring. The website had been used by nearly fifty five thousand individuals, before it was shutdown in 2010. Camez initially caught the eye of authorities, when he purchased a fake Arizona driver’s license from an agent, with the undercover cybercrime unit, Dark Market. Initially, Camez was handed down a seven-year sentence, but after being found guilty of violating US racketeering laws, his sentence was lengthened. This forager and computer hacker goes down in history, as the hacker, with one of the longest sentences, to date.


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