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MasterLocate.com GPS Tracking Solution

Easily track any mobile phones locations using MasterLocate.com

A private think tank recently estimated that the number of active phones in the world is just over 6 billion.  In the next decade, that number is expected to surpass the number of humans on the planet.  Simply put, phones a part of every day life for the majority of people.  Being an incredible tool for contacting people, receiving information, and more, phones are quickly becoming a necessary part of everyday life.

Filled with technology, phones provide a myriad of services both available to the consumer as well as well as groups like telephone companies, cell towers, etc.  When you need a mobile locator, the technology inherent in the phone is more often than not all you need.  Let’s take a moment to discuss a pretty amazing mobile GPS tracker created by http://masterlocate.com and available for free.  You will be amazed at how it works.

Utilizing Existing Tech To Find Your Phone

When people think of a GPS phone tracker, they often imagine the world of sci-fi and action, where top government agencies use satellites, spies, and others to find someone’s location.  In truth, mobile tracking is far simpler, especially if you have a mobile tracker that is designed around the technology that every phone uses to make contact with other devices.  From this you have a mobile number locator that needs nothing more than the tracking number to find the location of the desired phone in seconds.  It is that simple.

Why Use MasterLocate.com?

First and foremost, the MasterLocate is a free GPS app that can track all sorts of phones, including functioning as an iPhone tracker.  MasterLocate tool is used by many to find their phone if it is lost.  Great for when the phone is stolen as well, the app will help you to identify the exact location of the phone so that you can get it back.  Along with being used to track your own phone, you can use it to track the location of people in your business.  For example, if you have people who go out on calls or deliveries and you want to know how to trace mobile number so that you can make sure your people are where they are supposed to be, then a phone tracker app like this is perfect for you.  Without having to learn how to track a cell phone by yourself, you can use this piece of software to do all the work for you.  Finally, people enjoy using the phone tracker app because it lets them keep tabs on the location of their kids.  Helping to keep them safe, it is another piece of information that parents can use to contact their kids if something is wrong.

Quick Glance of the Features!

  • Track mobile phone’s location real-time!
  • Get texts messages logs
  • Get Call logs
  • Get Facebook Activity Logs
  • Get WhatsApp Activity Logs
  • Get Browser History Logs

You can literally do this in just simply entering the targets mobile phone number!

Big Advantage!

  • No Installation requirement on client and server side! Pure online-based app.
  • Now you do not need to worry about your children location or what are the websites they are visiting on their mobile phones!
  • You can trace your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend location on real-time!
  • Check their texts messages. know who they are interacting with.

Sample Panel Facebook Activity Log:

Track Facebook Activity Log with MasterLocate.com

Sample Panel Browser History Log:

Track Browser History with MasterLocate.com

How Does MasterLocate.com Work?

Unlike other software out there that attempts to trace mobile numbers using some program installed on the phone, take note on that! NO NEED TO INSTALL! The technique offered by MasterLocate.com uses the tracking number to find an exact location.  Every phone when used puts data out there that can be freely collected if you know where to look.  MasterLocate.com approaches lookup phone number by searching these sources of information for the last time the phone was used in that area.  From there, sophisticated algorithms are used to locate mobile number by following the various places that registered the existence of the phone.

Even when the phone is off it is still possible to track a phone using this technique.  What you get is a real time locator, a reverse lookup, and worldwide tracking options.

Where Does That Leave Us?

If you want to know how to track a phone number, then MasterLocate.com is the right app for you.  The perfect solution to how to track a phone, it uses sophisticated techniques to provide you with the information for free.  Simple, straightforward, and free, it doesn’t get better than that.


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