Top Android Games you Should Check out this 2016

Awesome Games you Should Check out this 2016

Who says games are just for kids? Not anymore! The games became famous and proven to be one of the best stress reliever for working adults and even those who are stressed with their studies. Games can now be enjoyed anywhere with just by the use of your Android phones. And so if you are one of the people that are looking for new android games in 2016 then you are in a right place.

Let this be the answer of what you are looking for. The following list is the top Five Android Games as of January 2016.

1. Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

Download Link: Google Play Store

This android game reminds you of myths and legends of Gods and Heroes of Rome. It is a fight or a battle against evil that are trying to engulf or consume the souls of the heroes. The well-known supreme God of Olympians which is Zeus is one the Gods that you will meet in this god of Rome Android game. And not just Zeus but also Atlas, Spartacus and other mythological Gods and heroes. This game can be played in single player or by the team and can go on duels respectively.

2. Shine Runner

Shine Runner

Download Link: Google Play Store

This is a race of boats that are being designed all by yourself. Speed up, race cheerfully, break all that stops you and distracts your way. Do not hesitate to break all things that stop you from speeding up. Some of these destructible things are gators, water crafts, bog shacks, and chicken coops. Play and play, earn money as much as you can while enjoying the game.

3. Sky Hoppers

Sky Hoppers

Download Link: Google Play Store

Memorization is the key to winning in this game. You just have to follow the highlighted path before you. And make it up to the next checkpoint. The path will appear by time you will move to the next checkpoint. So while moving, you have to memorize too. This is a game where you are free to go as far as you can. So, you will just have to concentrate while having fun with this game. Make every step skip a time of being stressed about everything.

4. Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash

Download Link: Google Play Store

With this game, players will be trained on what does being a waitress does. Here, a player can feel how hard to be a waitress. Those who loves cooking, you will more enjoy this game. Because here, you will be the one who will prepare the foods, be the one to serve it and be the one who will keep the dishes. The restaurant will all be managed by yourself. So, do not take more time anymore about looking for the right android game for you. Try this game and have some fun.

5. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Download Link: Google Play Store

Here, you will enjoy shooting memory bubbles. This is all about overcoming obstacles. Emotions are also shown here. From being disgusted, having sadness, fear, anger  or joy. Emotions were in Riley’s mind. And here, you will meet some famous cartoon characters. Then of course, you can have a chance to travel in some places like Dream Productions, Family Island, Imagination Land and more. So help Riley overcome obstacles now while enjoying and having fun with this game.

So, now, do not just always sit there and think about those things that gives hassle to your life. Instead, while sitting or lying in bed, make yourself busy at the same time having fun. Get yourself away from those keep you on getting irritated, disgusted, worried. By just playing those newly introduced android games in 2016.

It is not just about having fun, but it also about escaping away from life problems even for a while. While enjoying each game, you are also relaxing. And the best thing also about playing with those games has been that, not just making yourself busy while enjoying but also, learning new techniques, solutions, strategies that you may apply to your current situations. Because android games are not just games, but also a simple way of letting oneself get away from the real world. With android games, your fantasies may sound real.

Do not take so much time, get your android phone now, download those games and be enjoy while learning.


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