Tutorial: How to Get Working Amazon Gift Codes for FREE

Get Free Amazon Gift Codes Today!

Every now and then, people were kept on getting updates with new games, application, music, movies and others that are close to entertainment. And with the use of Android phones, reaching those updates have been made easier. Android games and apps have been known as one of the ways to have fun while just scrolling and tapping your Android phones. One of the Appstore that gives you entertainment just inside of your Android phone is Amazon appstore or even directly from Amazon retail online store.

Just like iTunes or Google play, in Amazon, you should also have Amazon Appstore app for you to enjoy your free Amazon gift codes. In Amazon Appstore or amazon retail store, you can choose the games you wanted, applications for your Android phone, select movies to watch or music to listen. Some are free and some are for sale. So with those for sale, you must need Amazon gift codes. With these codes, you can purchase the games and applications you ever wanted. Amazon gift codes can get through Amazon gift cards. Codes can be seen at the back of the card where it is hidden. You just have to scratch it in order to see the said code of the card.

Getting your Free Amazon Coupon Codes

The said Amazon gift cards can be bought at 7 Eleven, A&P and other participating retail stores nationwide. You can look for the list of retailers at Amazon.com. Gift card’s value is $15, $25, $50 and $100 but using our method which gives you the same amount of amazon coupons we will give it for FREE! Choose the best value that suits to your needs. Bigger value? More chances of getting all the games and apps that you wanted. More games to enjoy while relaxing from a stressful study, stressful works or travel. Nowadays, games and apps have become people’s partner for almost all of everyday lifestyle.

Free Amazon Coupon Code

  • Choose the amount of Amazon Gift Code you want to get – Up to $150 worth of coupon!

Choose the Amount of coupon codes

  • Wait for the generation process to finish.
  • Enter your Email Address – this address is to be coupon code to be sent.

Amazon Gift Code Generator

  • You might need to verify you are human to complete the process

How to use these codes?

  • Go to Amazon Appstore or download their android app store or Amazon Retail Store
  • Choose the product/app you want.
  • When you are about to checkout you will see a field where you can enter your coupon code.
  • Paste it and click on “apply”

How to apply amazon coupon code

  • That’s it!

In applying Amazon gift codes to your Android device, the first thing to do is look for your device’ Amazon Appstore App. Then, tap the app. Go to Amazon appstore menu, tap gift cards. Afterwards, scroll and look for Apply it to your account button, then, tap. A box will appear claiming your Amazon gift codes that you have seen at the back of your card after scratching. It is a 16-digit claim code number. After entering, tap apply. And you are done. The value of the card you purchase will be added to yo account.

Easy right?

Shopping now was made easier. With just the use of your Android phone, you can now shop online anywhere and anytime you wanted. Hassle free, in with just a couple of minutes, you can easily get what you wanted in Amazon appstore. Be entertained, have fun, enjoy and relax with games and apps at Amazon appstore. Get more Amazon gift cards to have more Amazon gift codes to make purchasing lot of apps and games be much easier. So, hurry! Do not just sit there and wait for another hour to think more about how to buy through online. Grab one of Amazon gift codes now!


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